Web Design Foundation (VCDP 1270)

The principles of design (such as contrast, unity, and balance) are applied to the creation of websites and web design aesthetics: in doing so, the designer must understand limitations while taking advantage of design flexibility and learn how colour theory is applied to contrast and legibility on screen and in creating depth. Through the use of emphasis and hierarchy with shapes, patterns, and borders, students will be able to unify their designs. They will explore both historical and current trends in a rapidly changing environment. Students will create design mock-ups to use in the complementary course, Web Development Foundation (1251).
Course code: VCDP 1270
Credits: 3.0
Tuition: $0*
Length: 56 hours
Course outline: view https://www.vcc.ca/cfm-files/course-outline.cfm?subject=VCDP&number=1270


Students must be enrolled in the Visual Communications Design Diploma with a minimum GPA of 2.0 (60%)

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