Dental Hygiene Practice 4 (DHYG 3604)

This course builds on prior knowledge, skills, beliefs and attitudes in the management of therapeutic and ongoing supportive dental hygiene services. The student experiences dental hygiene practice as part of intra-and interprofessional health teams. Utilizing critical thinking and decision making abilities, learners integrate and apply multiple concepts, models, and theories throughout the process of care. The focus is on the management and evaluation of therapeutic and ongoing supportive dental hygiene services for all individuals in diverse contexts with an emphasis on oral health education, health promotion, disease prevention and clinical therapy.
Course code: DHYG 3604
Credits: 4.0
Tuition: $0*
Length: 100 hours
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Term 5 courses


DHYG 3603, DHYG 3605 and DHYG 3606

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