Assessment Practices-Addiction (CNSK 1411)

Introduces students to the basic skills of conducting proper clinical assessments and using the information gathered to respond appropriately to client issues and needs. Explores treatment planning, including referrals in the addiction community counselling field. Topics include addiction community resources; legal, ethical, confidentiality, and record-keeping issues; risk assessment and management; major mental disorders including substance misuse; concurrent disorders; suicide; domestic violence; and trauma. Prerequisite: Individual Counselling Skills-Addiction (CNSK 1406), Foundations of Counselling (CNSK 1402); and (completed or taken concurrently) Diversity, Culture and Counselling CNSK (1407) and Addiction and Human Behaviour (CNSK 1415).
Course code: CNSK 1411
Credits: 3.0
Length: 45.0 hours
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