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Excellence Awards 2017

VCC's annual Excellence Awards' program, highlights teams who have outstanding achievements in the areas of:

- Teaching and Programming
- Innovation
- Community Engagement
- Service

Congratulations to our 2017 Excellence Award recipients.

Teaching/Program Excellence

Hospitality Management:
This student-focused and industry-connected team hasadapted programming totransition from
mainly servingdomestic students to now serve international students. 

Picture used for VCC Excellence Awards 2017

Community Engagement:

Indigenous Education & Community Engagement (IECE):
For outstanding work building community and strengthening relationships internally and
externally with indigenous and non-indigenous groups through various new initatives, events,
and partnerships.

Picture used for VCC Excellence Awards 2017


ShakeOutBC Health Sciences Interprofessional Education (IPE) team:
This earthquake emergency simulation event requires coordination across many VCC departments.  This activity helps students from various programs learn to collaborate better, so then when they enter hospital settings they can more effectively work as team members to improve patient safety. 

 Picture used for VCC Excellence Awards 2017


Service Excellence

Student Development's Conflict Management Team:
Tanny Marks, Arbiter of Student Issues and Dave Stevenson, Manager of Student Services tirelessly support VCC's diverse student body and have strengthened relationships with various college stakeholders and enhanced their educational outreach. 

Picture used for VCC Excellence Awards 2017

International Education:

During a period of immense growth this small team stayed focused on extending service excellence to students, faculty, staff, administrators, agents and pathways partners.

2017 Excellence awards pictures

Congratulations to our 2017 Excellence Award recipients.

2016 VCC Excellence Award recipients:

Team Excellence Award for Customer Service - Registrar's Office


 Team Excellence Award for Community Engagement - Job Readiness Program (JRP)


 Team Excellence Award for Teaching and Program Excellence - Adult Basic Education (ABE) Program for Youth